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Catfish Capital

In 2001, the Texas Legislature declared West Tawakoni the "Catfish Capital of Texas."
West Tawakoni is the “Catfish Capital” of Texas for a good reason. We are located on the west side of Lake Tawakoni which boasts some of the biggest blue cats in the south, and has on more than one occasion produced multiple 5 fish stringers over 200lbs! Lake Tawakoni boasts 225 miles of shoreline, with a large abundance of Crappie, Black Bass, Sand Bass, Striped Bass, Hybrid Bass which of course help feed its “MONSTER” Catfish.

Welcome to West Tawakoni

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A Note From Our Mayor


We are glad to have you visit our community. West Tawakoni is surrounded on three sides by Lake Tawakoni. We pride ourselves as a recreational area for visitors and as home to many folks who work in Dallas, Mesquite, Garland and other suburbs of the Metroplex. We are in south Hunt County and offer the best of "small town living". We are part of Quinlan Independent School District, offering excellent educational opportunities. 

Our City Park offers thousands of feet of shoreline to offer you a great camping, fishing, boating and play area. You can bring you own camper or rent one of ours to get the full benefit of camping and enjoying the outdoors. We have pavilions available to rent for your picnics and family outings.

Hwy 276 separates the North part of town from the South. Lake Tawakoni holds both State and National records for catfish, however it is also home to ample stripers, crappie and hybrids. Several RV parks afford rental spaces for more permanent visitors.

Greenville is 20 miles to our North. Dallas is 45 miles to our West. Terrell is 20 miles to our South. So whatever your needs or whatever your destination. take time to visit West Tawakoni. We will be waiting for you.

Thank you,

Calvin Travers

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Upcoming City Council Meetings

Regular Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, March 10th , 7:00 pm
Location:  City Hall, 1533 E. Hwy. 276, West Tawakoni, TX 75474

Emergency Notification System

The City of West Tawakoni is in the early stages of implementing an emergency notification system using IRIS/TechRadium, Inc. – MASS NOTIFICATION SERVICE. Residential land lines and/or cell phones are included in this system. 

As part of the prep work for activation of this system for our citizens we are asking everyone that is interested in participation to fill out the application and mail it to West Tawakoni City Hall, 1533 E State Hwy. 276, West Tawakoni, TX 75474

You can contact City Hall at 903-447-2285 for additional information.

Please print and fill out the application and return it to City Hall.ENS Application

Work on Bridge Continues

Please be advised that, weather permitting, work will start Monday Feb. 23rd on the placement of the first of 850 beams for the new bridge. They plan to bring 10 to 12 beams across the bridge to be placed on the West Tawakoni side of the bridge. No road closure is scheduled.

No issues with traffic or blockage of the existing bridge lanes are anticipated.

Cabela's 2015 King Kat Results

Total-weight-winners-a Big-Kat-winners-a
 Justin Cook and Ryan Gary, 195.4 pounds total weight Jered Mounger and Dave Thomas, Big Kat 56.12 pounds
  Photos courtesy of Larry Briscoe

Results for the Top 5 Teams

Taking first place was the team of Justin Cook of New Franklin, Missouri and Ryan Gary of Columbia, Missouri weighing in 195.4 pounds and earning $3,000.00. The team also won an additional $1,000.00 from the special Holiday Marina bonus for being the highest ranking team which launched their boat from the Holiday Marina. Justin and Ryan fished around the Dam on Lake Tawakoni Anchored in 15 feet of water using shad to catch around 15 total fish for the day. Justin was half of the winning team at Tawakoni in 2014 and is a member of the Rippin Lips Prostaff Team.

In second place was John Allen of Detroit, Texas and Matthew Allen of Barnsdall, Texas with 185.9 pounds and earning $1,300.00. John and Matthew were fishing around the Dam in around 35-40 feet of water. The team was tied up all day and only moved positions twice to catch 15 fish for the day on shad.

Third place went to Jason Moore of Garland, Texas and Lee Hopkins of Hallsville, Texas weighing in 175.3 pounds and earning $550.00. Jason and Lee fished Mid Lake drifting in 40 feet of water using medium sized shad and targeted ledges to land a total of 15 fish as well for the event.

Paul Miles of Lake Dallas, Texas and Dan Miles of Irving, Texas took fourth place with a weight of 169.2 pounds and earning $450.00. Paul and Dan were also fishing mid Lake anchored in 28 feet of water targeting a channel and using shad to land over 20 fish for the day. The team holds record for Heaviest 5 fish weighed in at a King Kat event, which was set at Tawakoni in 2013 weighing 239 pounds.

Fifth place went to the team of Roger Gerloff of Jefferson City, Missouri and Marty Gerloff of Gasconade, Missouri weighing in 148.18 pounds and earning $300.00. Roger and Marty were fishing around the dam anchored in 35-40 ft of water. Team used shad to land a total of 15 fish for the day. Roger was the other half of the winning team on Tawakoni in 2014 with Justin Cook and team is a Rippin Lips Prostaff team.

Big Fish of the Event -Big fish of the event was a 56.12 pound cat brought to the scales by Jered Mounger of Lone Oak, Texas and Dave Thomas of Brownwood, Texas earning $900.00.

Special thanks to all those who helped with making the tournament a big success even with the temperature at and below 32 degrees. (Bobby Nall, Pete Hoyt, Ben Bennett, Lamont Jenkins, Keith Goodson, Kelly Goodson, Savannah Dominguez, Cliff Hyatt, Randall Janes, Jeremy Caviness, Steve Staggs, Jim Romero, Larry Briscoe, Mayor Calvin Travers, Debbie Steelman, Dr. Gene Hamil, Linda Kattner, West Tawakoni City Council City Staff, Outdoor Promotions, Inc. & all of the contestants of the 2015 Cabela's King Kat Tournament.

Click HERE for Complete Tournament Results

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